Hi!  We’re Mark and Bee.  

YAY! Films is our company bringing high end commercial filmmaking experience to the wedding & event film genre.

We're a husband and wife team who jointly have over 20 years experience making music videos, commercials and television content.

We made our first project together in 2005 – a round the world music video that took us from Berlin to Istanbul to Tokyo to Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro and back to London in just over three weeks.  

We got married in 2007 and it literally was the best day of our lives.  A photographer friend took beautiful pictures but we didn’t have a wedding film made.  We often imagine what that film would be like and how much fun it would be to have.

Not so long ago we were asked to produce a film for a spectacular wedding reception in London.  It was a genuinely happy, inspiring event and we loved every second of filming and editing it.
 We realised how shooting weddings could combine so many of the things we enjoy - filmmaking, working together, sharing in moments of real wonder and joy. And we wanted more!  More of the magic.  More capturing once in a lifetime moments.  More celebrating a commitment made between two people.  

You And You coming together, surrounded by friends and family, what could deserve a YAY!!! more than that?