Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW!!!!!! Just wow!!!!

Thank you both so much for our utterly amazing wedding videos, they're better than anything we could have hoped for.  You've captured the day perfectly and they are so beautifully put together, I can't stop crying when we watch them!!

We loved working with you guys, you were so professional and you did such a fantastic job on the day. It didn't feel at all like we had a camera following us all day which we wondered if it might.  You guys helped keep things on track and made sure you got the important shots without it feeling like we were being rushed around.

We won't hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone and everyone we meet that's getting married.  We've been discussing it and of all the things we organised for our big day, this was by far the best and the lasting memory that we want to take away from it.  We honestly can't thank you enough. Brilliant job.
E + M

HOLY MOLY ITS A TRIUMPH and YOU NAILED IT!  It’s better than what we remember of our wedding day and a really precious thing to have. We were choking back the tears and the laughs. Thank you so much for capturing the energy of the day and for your sensitive and moving film – there’s so much in there - it looks awesome and is worth every penny.  We will watch it over and over!  

We love it - THANK YOU :) X
C + W

Mark and Bee were very discreet and we hardly noticed them. We were anxious about spending more money since a wedding is obviously really costly but the video we got back was priceless and captured so many things we missed, and which on watching several months after the event made us relive the day from a different perspective and it was really worth it.
C + W

Thank you SO much for our incredible wedding films - we absolutely love them!!!  We honestly couldn’t be happier with how amazingly you captured the day - it was just so much fun and you really have caught the essence of that in the films!
 E + J

Bee and Mark were a pleasure to be around on the day and we really appreciate the time and commitment into making us three beautiful wedding films. My favourite is the longest film where they seem to have captured a moment with almost every guest, however the highlight film is also perfect in summing up the overall feel of the day.
L + R

The videos are both amazing and having the speeches and vows lovely to relive. You have both done everything we asked for - the short video is amazing. Whilst we like our wedding photos the video is so much more - we felt it represented the day perfectly, it was fun, full of Christmas, personal and comfortable - everything we felt about the day itself. I honestly think it is the best money spent out of the wedding budget and could not wish for more.
The style of your videos was what initially drew us to you - we never even approached another videographer - and we are over the moon with our video you have made.  The 21st December was honestly the best day of our lives and having our video, most importantly the video you have made for us, is the most perfect memory and we can not thank you enough.
N + K

Lovely Mark and Bee from Yay! Films were there to capture the day in motion. I didn’t really notice them when I wasn’t trying to spot them, which I think is a good sign. I suspect they may have struggled to persuade our old-school crowd of family to keep moving and not pose because these new-fangled video cameras are so small they look like they are taking stills, but if this became a chore they never let on! I love their highly edited style and the modern approach of interpretation rather than transparent reporting.
A + N

We have shown everyone there is to show and everyone, without exception, has been blown away by the quality, the emotion and the feel of our wedding film.
We could not have asked for more. We have had a few friends comment that they wish they could get married again so they could have you come and film them!
N + A

We absolutely LOVE the films!! It was so overwhelming seeing our whole day in four minutes and you told the story perfectly!! The longer one is just brilliant, thank you so much!
K + K

We absolutely love  it!!  We can’t thank you enough, I think we’ve already watched it about 20 times, the parents just keep saying play it again!
L + K